First of all, let me begin with explaining how the job system in Mafia Wars works (this is for New York only).

First you start out with what they call a Street Thug. This is the lowest level and you are a beginner at this stage. After that, you become an associate. This means that you’ve got a bit more experienced and a little more dirt on your hands. The next stage is Soldier. You are climbing the job ladder fast and you’re allowed to do more jobs now. Your income will get better and better too. But still, you’re far from the top!

The next stage is enforcer, then hitman, then capo. It takes a while for you to become all these, but when that’s done you’re a Consigliere and have reached the 3rd highest rank in New York. The next is Underboss before you become a boss. That’s the job list in New York.

To become a Mafia Wars Consigliere, you need to be between level 35-59. By this you should have various items which you also needs for becoming a consigliere, such as:

  • Semi-Automatic Shotgun
  • Mafia Wars vehicles, such as a Town Car and a Speed Boat among others
  • Illegal Transaction Records
  • Untraceable Cell Phone

among others. The good thing about becoming a Consigliere is; at that stage you’re already half way through. That means that you’re closer to the Mafia Wars elite, and that again means that you can start doing some jobs in Cuba too. But you can still choose. Continue in New York? Or start something new in Cuba?

What do you choose? I’ve been there and made my choice, now it’s up to you!

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