So, the Champions League draw have been made, and I have to admit one of the most anticipated matches is Inter vs Man Utd. Italian champions vs English champions. I’m an Arsenal fan, so I’m rather happy about it. Man Utd think they are the best, well eat this! Let’s see how you get past Inter.

But there is another fixture I’m very much looking forward to. Roma vs Arsenal. Why? Both are my favourite teams, and they are 2 very similar clubs. Mirror image in other words.

Firstly, both clubs are having some financial problem. Which is the reason why both clubs doesn’t spend big. Look at the players Arsenal and Roma have signed in the past few seasons: While big stars like Cristian Chivu left, instead of getting a big money replacement Luciano Spalleti got Juan for a mere 6.3 million euros. When the legend of Arsenal, Thierry Henry left, many people was thinking whether his replacement could lived up to expectations. Arsene Wenger chose to fork out only 8 million to sign Eduardo Da Silva, and although he’s injured at the moment, his future looks bright.

Secondly, both clubs have been praised for their brilliant attacking football. Arsenal was believed to have played the best football ever seen in England during their Invincibles’ season (2003/04), and up till today they do just that. Roma have been praised by pundits for playing exciting, attacking football since Luciano Spalleti took over and deployed the 4-5-1 formation. Normally in football it’s the beauty vs the beast, but I believe in this match, both clubs will be known as the beauties and will be fighting their asses off.

Lastly, both clubs have their own star talisman of the team. Francesco Totti have always been associated with AS Roma, and up till today the fans still worship him. Francesc Fabregas, although only 21 years of age, has been one of the most popular players in Arsenal at the moment, and seeing how similar both players’ style of play are, it’s certainly a battle of the golden boys. However years ago this could be even more intense, when Thierry Henry was still at Arsenal. I’m sure about 4 years ago everybody wanted to see the 2 best strikers at their peak facing each other on the football field. What a match it would be.

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